Jennifer Broussard Artworks Bio

Jennifer Broussard is a contemporary fine artist in Southern California. Her photo based decorative art, corporate art, evidence based art and fine art has been placed in homes, offices, spas, country clubs, restaurants, banks, hotels and hospitals.

All of her pieces start as a photograph, and end up as an art piece. Her art may include themes from nature, abstracts found on location or artfully created in-house photography paintings. “I enjoy being able to fully explore the inner parts of my artistry. This allows me to express my creativity in various forms.” The very wide range of her artwork styles fall somewhere within the categories of contemporary art and classic fine art photography. Each piece has its own modern twist. This provides her clientele many options.

"I remember being bored a lot as a teen. My energy level was so high I couldn't sit still. Having the camera in my hands immediately settled me. That became my living meditation, and eventually I realized I was working with light, literally." Recently Jennifer has begun expanding her art work further by incorporating new techniques, which include virtual paintings.

This summer she is continuing to create new art, using a variety of techniques, colors, shapes, designs. "I'm making them in sets of four. My clients know that they can ask if they need additional pieces to complete their sets or alterations such as color shifts to better match a room. Thats what I do!"


July 2017 

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